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Sunday, January 06, 2013

and here is the new year

well, we all didn't sink into the pacific ocean on 12/21/12 so i guess for now we're all right. i still think the pacific rim isn't finished being unruly. i mean in all seriousness, the pacific rim will NEVER be finished being unruly, but you know what i mean.


resolutions for 2013? i don't have a resolution. i have an announcement. i am sick and tired of struggling to make ends meet. that shit ends this year. i am done with not making enough and feeling like i'll never stop struggling. it ends. now.

there's a lot of other shit bubbling away underneath the surface, but nothing i feel like quietly publishing over here in my little corner of the internets. at least not yet, that is.

stay tuned. who knows what will get churned up from the depths.