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Monday, December 20, 2010

a block from the epicenter

I'm down here in the Bay Area for the holidays, and we had a little pre-Christmas celebration Sunday morning. My sister and her family are spending Christmas with her in-laws in Florida this year, so we exchanged our gifts and stockings with them early.

There we were, still in our PJs, wrapping paper in tatters, the nephew more excited about the box than the gift (isn't that how it always is with kids). I was sitting on the couch next to Mom, when I heard a low rumbling sound. I thought it was a plane flying low overhead, but then with a loud BANG the house threw itself suddenly to the right, and then the low rumble moved on.

An earthquake! How California. It was a wierd earthquake, because instead of a little shaking and rumbling it was just one loud jerk. But then again, it was kind of cool. You can say that about an earthquake when it is only 3.1 on the richter scale. Those big ones....not so much.

Later on, the news mentioned our little earthquake and pinpointed the epicenter to a street not too far from our house. In fact, one block away! So glad it was a teeny earthquake, considering.

3.1 magnitude quake in Los Altos