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Friday, November 12, 2010

FFwD: Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux

There is nothing not good about this chicken, from the simplicity of the recipe to the head of roasted garlic, the juicy chicken and of course THE BREAD. I wish I had got a photo of the bread but the light was bad and in any case I was too busy eating it. I felt like my cat Violet when she steals a bone from the counter and joyfully sneaks off to chew on her treasure. I pried my bread from the bottom of my Le Creuset and joyfully ran off to enjoy my treat. I left the chicken in the kitchen, and didn't come back for it for a couple of hours; I swear I almost forgot about it the bread was so good. And yet, when I did go back, the chicken was juicy with a crisp skin and a lovely herby note. I loved this chicken, and the roasted garlic made for a nice breakfast on toast with gryuere and a runny egg. Le Paresseux means "the lazy people," and I will choose the lazy method/delicious bird any day of the week.

roast chicken for les paresseaux
from this...

roast chicken for les paresseaux
...to this.  Hello, lovely bird.