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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Can you guys feel it?  It is almost here, and thus it is almost over.  The world of pop culture is buzzing madly as if struck by lightning.

Harry Potter time!

I am almost envious of the kids who grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies.  I didn't read the first book until right before the first movie was released in the fall of 2001 (I was 27, and just graduated from acupuncture school).  I devoured Sorcerer's Stone overnight and read as quickly as I could up to Goblet of Fire, when I had to wait with the rest of the world until Order of the Phoenix was published. (In the meantime, I started listening to the audiobooks. Jim Dale, you are my hero.) The last ten years of my life, Harry Potter has been a part of it.

It was wonderful and bittersweet to read Deathly Hallows, and now here it comes, the first part of the last movie.  I am not seeing it until Saturday morning, so I am on complete media blackout until then.  I don't want to read or hear any reviews, or opinions, or thoughts on the movie until I have some of my own.  I don't want to see any more trailers, behind the scenes exclusives, or anything else that will ruin my experience of the movie.  It won't be nearly anywhere as good as the book, and I will probably spend my time viewing the movie with the same commentary running through my head as it has done with every other movie in the franchise: "that's not how it goes in the book, why did they have to change it!"  But I am committed to seeing it and hopefully finding it satisfactory.

In the meantime, EW.com has been running some fun look-backs at each of the previous movies.  Plus, they linked to this very funny junket with the cast learning how to speak American (sorry about the damn ad):

Pretty funny, huh.  That Tom Felton is unusually tan, and good at the improv!  Go Tom!

Read EW's look back at:
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And don't talk to me about the movie until it is Saturday evening, Pacific Standard Time. Thanks in advance!