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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

october update

hello, people.

i have been busy lately, which is good! i need to work! i like my work! keep on with the work!

speaking of work, i have officially not been a doula for 11 months now AND I LOVE IT. it started out as a sabbatical but it may be the sabbatical that never ends. I LOVE NOT BEING ON CALL. i even went to a few births over the summer as just the acupuncturist who got to leave after a couple of hours and i still thought it sucked. birth work--we have a love-hate relationship and i am done with it.

i still see pregnant women for acupuncture and i love that as much as i love not being a doula. if i could just do OB care in my practice that would be super freaking awesome. although, having a handful of non-pregnant people coming in weekly for chronic stuff is good, too. not only is it steady money, but i get to develop relationships with people that last more than nine months.

there is someone i've been seeing weekly for four years now and it is wonderful. there is an ease and a flowingness to our treatments together since our practitioner-patient relationship is so long running. i like it. there is always more to learn about her but there is also such a familiar ease to treating her. it is good. and she is funny.

on another note...
i decided everybody is getting a knitted gift this year, which is putting a lot of pressure on me to knit up a shitload of stuff by december 25th. nobody is getting a sweater so at least i haven't been too unrealistic about choosing projects. people are getting accessories, except for the nephew who is getting Das Monster. he just started walking (!!) and those pants are fucking hilarious.

i can't believe my nephew is freaking walking. it is all happening so fast!! he was just a tiny little pea! i'm going to see him on thanksgiving and i can't wait to squish the crap out of him.

until then, the cats will suffice.