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Sunday, September 26, 2010

i need a llama

not any llama. THIS llama:

we shared a thing

he's for sale. i forgot how much. but this dude and i, we could have a wonderful life together.

cookie and i spent a couple of hours at the oregon flock and fiber festival today. the sheep!

baa baa black sheep

the mohair goats!

mohair goats!

the pygora goats!

(didn't take a good photo, but they are cute and tiny)

the alpaca!


the llamas!

(see top photo)

angora rabbits were also well-represented, and cookie wanted to take a few home. (only $75 per bunny!)

it was hard not to pet all the animals. cookie stopped herself from reaching into pens to pet fluffy livestock several times. only one pen had a sign asking us to pet the sheep; but only under the chin. which i was happy to do.

outside on the lawn there were a lot of vendors selling yarn, garments both woven and knitted, and oh! the roving/fiber/shaved pelts!


look how fluffy and comforting and soft that looks. i would like to hug those, too. it is a good thing i am not a spinner, or i would have had a hard time not purchasing EVERYTHING. as a knitter, i had a little bit of an easier time, as a lot of the yarn is either sold elsewhere in portland or not anything i HAD to have. well, there was an $84 skein of gorgeous tawny 100% angora--the skein was feather light and lofty and soft as a baby's bottom, and lisa souza had some amazingly delicious silk/cashmere laceweight yarn in vivid colors. but i have 83 yarns in my stash as it is, and i need to stop buying yarn.

let me repeat that.



much better.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Resurrecting the Blog

So, I've been thinking about bringing this blog back all summer for a few reasons...

...my travel loving friends who roosted in Portland for a few years have or will be flying off again and this is a nice way to keep in touch (kind of)...

...sometimes I want to rant about my knitting troubles or share the dumb shit my cats do...

...and I joined a cook along, French Fridays with Dorie, and needed a place for those posts...

...and much, much more!

So here I go again with this blog. French Fridays begins October 1. I have some gorgeous yarn I want to share with the internet. My cats are always dumb, but very cute and fluffy. And so on.

And now, off to the Flock and Fiber Festival. I am hoping I can convince Cookie to house some alpacas for me in her yard. Or some angora bunnies. Or a llama or two. Or some sheep. I'll keep you posted.