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Monday, May 11, 2009

Update; Check out my Bunny!

Hello blog readers,

Pippin and I have been spending a lot of time together and I think he's beginning to like being the only cat; he gets attention pretty much any time he wants, which has been pretty often. However I know he would rather cuddle with another cat than me. All in good time, little Peepers!

My nose and sinuses have been clogged since that first post about Spring in late March. Sigh.

Oh--that reminds me! A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine had a birthday potluck and so I decided to bring Salad Rolls. I was chopping up a bunch of carrots for the spring rolls when all of a sudden it felt like a bug was stuck to my right eyeball. My already dry, itchy, red eyeball. Of course I wanted to get whatever was in my eye out of my eye, so of course I started rubbing it. Which of course, made it worse.

Hey, did I mention that I am allergic to raw carrots? And that I was chopping them up? And rubbing my eye?

Several hours later, I looked at my poor eyeball in the bathroom mirror and not only was my entire eye flaming red, but it looked like my eyeball was swollen. Seriously. What was the white of my eye was 100% red AND when I looked to the left I could see my eyeball wrinkle. The brown part of my eye (the iris?) wasn't swollen so it looked a bit indented, and that's what the white part (the cornea?) wrinkled up against. It was WEIRD. I also noticed that my entire eye socket was a bit swollen. I was freaked out--what if my eye kept on swelling and exploded? Or shot out of my head? I could die!

Luckily, Cookie is an optician and someone I can call at 1 am to ask crazy eye questions. She told me not to worry, to ice my eyeball, to come see the Dr. the next morning at 9 am, and told me it was probably because of the carrots. (I hadn't put that together yet.) I did all those things, plus sleep with the light on just in case my eye did decide to explode overnight.

The doctor took a look at my still swollen eyeball the next morning, gave me the same advice Cookie already did, plus told me to start squirting artificial tears every hour. Which I did. And made it to the birthday potluck!

Holy crap, people. I had no idea one's eyeball could swell like that. It was freaky. Thank God for Cookie. She talked me down from a major panic.

I have also been doing a lot of crafty things lately which makes me very happy. I have been baking a ton (I'm about three posts behind over at Eat My Cake), I have been knitting (more on that in a minute), and I even started process painting!

Process painting is awesome because it is not about the product, it is about the process. It is about intuitive painting, without caring about what ends up on the paper. It is precisely for people like me who believe they can't draw or paint. And it is SO fun!

About the knitting: that Ravelry is freakin awesome. I can spend so much time wandering around in there. This is usually how it begins: I search a pattern, for example for a baby sweater. I find a neat looking pattern, then I start looking at the gallery of all the baby sweaters (of that pattern) other Ravelry members have uploaded. There can be hundreds of these, and it is always inspiring to see how each person has made the pattern his/her own. Sometimes I really like what a particular person has done, and so I start looking around their own personal gallery of projects--those in progress, those finished, those abandoned. And sometimes I really like the yarn a person used, so I look at all the other projects people have done in that yarn. And then I find a pattern I like, and so it goes. Also, there are a lot of free patterns on Ravelry; I now have quite a file of Things I Intend To Kit Someday.

And, look what I made!


I mean, the bunny isn't perfect, but I think the cute factor makes up for that.