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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello, 2009

Well, well. 2009. When did you sneak in here?

I haven't known you that long yet, but I hope that we'll have a great and productive relationship together. I hope that we'll have fun, meet new and (in a positive way) interesting people (especially of the single male and possibly accented-in-speech variety), deepen our friendships and knowledge, and explore new horizons (literally and figuratively). 2009, I hope that you are a year that is overall enjoyable, not only for me but for those around me. You've got a lot of tough stuff to overcome, what with the economy in the toilet and everyone freaked out, wars being waged all over the place, the environment in crisis, and people's continuing cruelty to one another. Not to mention my own little personal crises, which thankfully are kind of small at the moment.

2009, let's make this a good year. Let's learn our lessons without too much trauma and drama, let's not be too afraid to embrace the changes we need to make, let's treat our bodies and minds with love and respect, and let's be a little more open-hearted towards everybody else in this world.

And 2009, thanks for the first lesson I've learned thus far: club sandwiches and lip rings do not mix. I'll go down to the piercing shop tomorrow and get it put back in. Thanks for letting me know.