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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things I Have Learned During Snowmageddon 2008

Yep, folks, Portland and the PNW as a whole has been experiencing snow and below freezing temperatures for a week now. Usually, we get a day or two of snow and/or ice and then everything melts away, lalala. This time, there is snow piling up and it doesn't seem interested in leaving.

this much on Mt Tabor

This kind of weather wouldn't be a problem in normal wintery places, but here we're all housebound and getting cabin fever. The only people out on the roads are Winter People--people who grew up in snow places and think this is all normal and maybe even fun.

So here is what I have learned in the last week, during Portland Snowmageddon 2008:

1. Portland likes words like "snowmageddon" (hipsters) and "arctic freeze" (gay liberal media).
2. Walking in 7 inches of snow sucks when you don't have cool things like snowshoes or shoveled sidewalks.
3. Living on a hill also sucks because every time you go down the hill you have to figure out how to get back up.
4. Snow is actually really pretty, and makes what should be a grey poopy day merry and bright.
5. Public transportation becomes really essential in times like these.
6. Which makes it even more lame that the bus that stops outside my building gets re-routed in times like these.
7. Maybe having spent some time in my youth in the snow would have been a good thing.
8. Freezing winds that rush out of the Gorge and hurl all over Portland are lame.
9. Cuddly cats are really nice when it is below freezing out.
10. When my Winter Friends refuse to leave the house, it must be really bad out.
11. I'm much more willing to walk places when there's snow out, because I don't like to feel trapped in the house.
12. If you don't know how to drive in snow, befriend a Winter Person. They'll either drive you themself or give you lots of pointers.
13. I've never dreamt of a White Christmas and here I am, in one!
14. Listening to my Winter Friends complain about how poorly the City of Portland takes care of the roads during "inclement weather" leads me to suspect that in other wintery places cities don't shut down on account of snow, and that roads and sidewalks are kept clear.
14. I am very thankful for basic things like shelter, electricity, running water, sewer service, phone service, and food, and the nonbasic luxury of wireless internet.
15. I miss the rain. I really do.

Happy Holidays, everyone, and stay warm and safe!

happy holidays!