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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends. To all others, happy Thursday!

Thank you...

...Portland, OR for being a place where natural/organic food is so big that no matter what part of town I am in I can find my organic kale and free-range eggs.

...Portland, OR for having such a liberal birth culture that I can assure most expecting parents that the horror stories people hear about hospitals don't really apply here.

...sweet turkey hen for giving up your life so that my friends and I can eat your succulent meat together in our pajamas.

...fluffy kitty cats for curling up against me in the night so that I wake up sandwiched between the two of you.

...Stooges for being ridiculous and my ridiculously awesome best friends.

...Blogger for giving me two platforms for expressing myself, and connecting me to people around the world.

...Zetta, for bringing together four people who would go on to create the impossible--a work environment we all love.

...Mom and Dad, for being great parents, even if I complain about you all the time.

...sis, for getting married this year and taking the pressure off me for a while.

...clients and patients for continuing to come see me even though the economy is tight, for without you I can't pay my bills or feed my cats.

...wireless internet, for allowing me to be able to sit on my couch or curl up in bed and learn about brining a turkey or the latest baking trends, or to watch the latest episode of South Park without being stuck to the phone jack.

...Barack Obama, because you are the first president that really truly has me hopeful. Good luck to you and please don't ever become "a politician."

...Creator, for all of this messed up, crazy, beautiful, amazing, irrational, juicy, miraculous life.