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Friday, August 15, 2008

Countdown to Wedding Extravaganza

The list of things I need to get done or help my sister get done before her wedding in 8 days grows longer by the minute. The emails between my sister, my dad, and me are flying fast and furious over the magical lines. The forwards of such emails to the stooges (who are also coming to the wedding) (thank god) are almost as numerous, usually with side commentary from me that says: "please help me. They are crazy."

I leave on Sunday and will return a little more than a week later with a brother in law and probably a serious hangover (emotionally if not physically).

Seriously though. I love my sister and am looking forward to her wedding, and I love Mike and think they are a great match. She really isn't much of a bridezilla or assigning me crazy impossible tasks. I am her big sister and want her to have the best wedding ever. And she wants me to enjoy being her MOH (aka bride doula) and that's why she invited the stooges to come. She says the three of us are like a tripod, which is much sweeter than saying we are like the three stooges, however more truthful that may be. I get dibs on Larry.

Anyhoots, have a wonderful week and I promise to share stories and photos when I get back!