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Thursday, July 31, 2008

3. camp at the coast and 10. go to a petting zoo

Two weekends ago I suddenly realised that I had precious little time left to go camping before I go back on call. See, I leave a week early for my sister's wedding, which means I leave in three weeks. Camping spots on the Oregon coast can be hard to find during the summer months; most people start reserving their spots 3 months ahead of time. So in order to find a spot so late in the game, I knew I had to pretty much jump at any chance I got. And there it was, a little opening in the campground schedule between Wednesday and Friday of last week. I looked at my schedule, and it was go. Hooray for not working 40 hour work weeks!

to the south, no sun
cape lookout at low tide

The beach was lovely and beachy--albeit a little overcast and chilly--so on Thursday I took a side trip into Tillamook to visit the cheese factory and go to the petting zoo!

I learned two things about myself while I was in town:

1. Holy crap, I love animals!


2. Holy crap, I love cheese!

I actually spent a good deal of time out at the petting zoo, which is on the property of the Blue Heron Cheese store. I chatted with Llary and Llester, the two llamas I fed. (Those are the names I call them; I don't know what they call each other.) I chatted with the two ponies for quite some time and almost sang them the russian children's song about the pony who wants to be a horse. (It took me a while to remember it.) I watched the pig wallow in the mud, and laughed at the guinea fowl as they puttered about and chirped. I giggled when a rooster crowed, another rooster crowed in response, and then a sheep half-heartedly bleated for effect. (cock a doodle doo! COCK A DOODLE DOO!!!! bah.) Holy crap, I exclaimed to the world, I LOVE ANIMALS!

chewing and observing
everyone, this is llary

Then I went to the Tillamook Cheese factory, bought some ice cream, and watched the cheese packers. So much cheese! So much automation! I became entranced with the rhythm of the process; I found it very soothing. I suppose if it was my job to deal with cheese packing day in and out, I would probably find the rhythm really boring after a while. But for me, as an accompaniment to ice cream eating, it was really great.

oh my gosh--CHEESE!
the rhythm is gonna get you

Then I was back out at the beach, where I walked up and down the shore, read Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, people watched, ocean watched, and generally enjoyed a very relaxing and even slightly boring afternoon.

Harry Potter, year one: I was amazed at all the clues/themes she began in the first book that would eventually play out in book 7. I mean, the wand choosing the wizard concept, Hagrid mentioning he didn't think Voldemort was alive enough to be considered dead, rumours of dragons in Gringott's and how nobody has successfully robbed Gringotts, the introduction of Griphook, how Harry understood--way back then, even though he's angry about it in book 7--that Dumbledore was just giving them enough help for them to figure out things on their own...stuff like that. Kinda blows my mind, how far ahead she was thinking.

The beach. The animals. The cheese. All good times.