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Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Escapades, and a Little Rant.

Joelf's family threw a big shindig in Lincoln City this weekend, and I was invited to tag along.

Here's our view of the ocean. I wanted to TP the castle house there, just for the fun of it. Unfortunately, instead of getting drunk and rowdy I got slightly buzzed and sleepy. So the house remained unscathed.

the house we wanted to TP

The shindig was to celebrate the recent nuptuals of Scarlett and Hunter Sims, who were married in New Orleans on May 30th. Since many of the friends and family of Scarlett's mom's side (that would be Joelf's sister) live in Washington and Montana, they decided to throw a reception up here. Dawn, mother of the bride (and Joelf's sister), asked me to bake a guitar-shaped cake. There will more about that on the other blog, but here is Scarlett and Hunter politely admiring the cake.

scarlett and hunter kindly admire the cake

What nice kids.

The Grants know how to throw a party. There were 3 courses to their casual buffet! Check out the sandwich and salad course:


That's Spazzy McGee on the right.

Lots and lots of people were there. It was a little overwhelming to me; I get shy around large groups of people I don't know. Heck, even if I know them I can get shy. So I took a little walk on the beach, which was right across the street from us:

little oregon waves

Man I love the ocean. I need to find a way to get some property on the beach, quick. I'd be willing to continue to rent in Portland if I knew I had a home on the ocean. I would be there all the time!

I heard that it was 100 degrees in Portland and I am very pleased that I missed it all. I am no good once the mercury gets above 82 degrees. Out on the coast we had beautiful sunny days with a light breeze. It was hard to leave, but I did.

On the way back to Portland I stopped by Willamette University, where I did my undergrad. So did the Stooges, Raiuchka, and Brains.

Most of my classes were in this building (the social sciences):

i also lived in this building

And this was my favorite corner of the library. There is a long row of comfy chairs facing out the windows overlooking the Mill Stream and I would grab my book or boring academic periodical and sit there and read...inevitably the study session would end in a nice nap.

my favorite corner of the library

Man it was hot out! I was all sweaty and gross, so I stopped beneath the star trees for a rest and to smell the perfumed air.

the star trees!

The star trees are 5 giant sequoias that are planted in a pentagon shape, so that when you look through the top, you see a star. It smells so nice and redwoody in there. Many times at night the hippies would be under the trees playing their african drums and toking up. This was also a favorite make-out spot. If I ever had the urge to get married in Salem, this would be the place.

I hopped back in the car and got back on the road. I had a date to keep with my friend Annmarie. We were going to the 2pm showing of a new documentary called Orgasmic Birth.

Now before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as hippie fodder, follow the link and watch the trailer. I have seen births like these, people. I know it is possible. I am a doula because I want ALL women to have a chance to experience childbirth as something wonderful, empowering, and liberating. What makes these women different from all the rest? These women believe in themselves, they believe their partners are going to give them excellent support, they believe in their caregivers, and they have made the educated decision, based on research both experiential and science-based, that if they are low-risk, 95% of the time a homebirth is safe.

I'm just saying. I am so tired of watching women give away their bodies, their journey, their rights, and sometimes even their dignity to a system of medicine that, when it comes to childbirth, is unneccesary and out dated. I mean, why would a perfectly healthy woman with a normal pregnancy choose to have a surgeon, an OB, attend their birth? Do you know how many Labor and Delivery nurses say to me, I've never seen a natural birth before? Why would a woman think someone like that would be equipped to take care of them?

As women, we don't even know. We have no idea that we have let somebody else take from us potentially the most empowering experience we could ever have. And to me, that is beyond tragic.