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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

in the spirit of andrea....

35 things to do before i turn 36

i can't even remember how i found andrea's blog...but what a great idea...

1. take a dance class
2. learn a musical instrument
3. camp at the coast (check!)
4. take a road trip to a state i've never been to
5. vacation in hawaii
6. start a savings account
7. get another pair of danskos
8. develop all the lingering film i've saved up
9. put some art up on my bedroom walls
10. go to a petting zoo (check!)
11. make a pie from berries i've picked that morning (check!)
12. eat vegetables every day (or at least every other day)
13. write letters (real letters, with pen and paper, sent with a stamp)
14. maybe get health insurance for myself
15. maybe get malpractice insurance for my business
16. so that i could get hospital privileges
17. and maybe get on an insurance panel, even though i HATE insurance panels
17a. and to cover to cost of billing insurance i'd raise my prices
17b. essentially so that those who do not have insurance will pay more so as to offset the losses of those whose insurance will pay me $40 for a one hour treatment
17c. did i mention that i HATE insurance panels? THEY SUCK ASS.
18. eat at higgins in the restaurant, not the bar
19. grow a little herb garden in my windowsill (check!)
20. finish knitting projects (i'm not saying i have to finish ALL the projects i have started...just SOME)
21. watch my sister get married (easy one, i know) (check!)
22. NOT catch the bouquet at my sister's wedding (check!)
23. go for a hike in the gorge
24. take a cake decorating class
25. see a big stadium concert
26. see a show at the crystal ballroom (check!)
27. get some sex...more than once...
28. eat a pint of mint galactica coconut bliss for dinner while lazing in the hammock on a warm summer's eve
29. go snowshoeing on mt hood
30. mentor a level-two birthing from within class
31. play around with my art supplies
32. clean up my storage closet
33. make creme brulee and use the torch!
34. get a tattoo
35. be thankful for all that i have done and experienced, and for all that is to come, every day

Friday, May 09, 2008


I've had a few FAQs in the last month, and I'd like to address them here, in case any of you were going to ask me the same thing.

Q: Is it weird that your younger sister is getting married and trying to get pregnant before you?

A: I don't know, IS it weird?

She does everything before me, anyway. I think the only things I did before her were: be born, walk, talk (questionable), go to college. Everything else, she did first. So this just follows our sisterly pattern.

Q: So....you're just an acupuncturist and a doula? And you make enough money???

A: Yeah, people, I do.

Just because I hold office hours for 2.5 days a week doesn't mean I am a total slacker living off of the government's dole. And just because you may work 90 hours a week doesn't make you more productive, or mean that you are "doing it right." It does make you more sick, and therefore more likely you'll be calling me for a treatment. So don't start getting ideas about cutting back on work. I need your poor lifestyle choices to pay my groceries.

Q: So do you have kids of your own?

A: No, just two cats.

But don't let that stop you from trusting me to be a good support for you or your wife or your daughter when push comes to shove. (Good pun!) Don't let that stop you from thinking that I can't treat your pregnancy symptoms or help your body kick into labor. Don't let that fool you into thinking I don't know what I am doing, I am not qualified to be a doula, or you are better at my job than me. Don't think that a doula who has kids is going to be a better doula--she might not be. She might just keep expecting you to have the same birth she did, or she might be using you to help her deal with her own birth trauma. Who knows. But immediately writing me off for not having kids? Lame.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Late Late Show!

Oh god, Craig Ferguson and Ewan McGregor...this skit is so ridiculous. How I love these two.