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Monday, April 21, 2008

Babble Fish

I have been craving a german dish called Milchreis lately. It is a specific kind of rice, that you cook for about 20 minutes in milk. You end up with a soft, starchy, rice pudding-like substance that is a little sweet, and really comforting. The family I worked for would eat it with jarred sour cherries and a little sugar, for lunch. Those were really good lunches.

The thing is, the rice you buy is literally called "Milchreis." So what kind of rice is it? How can I recreate this dish?

I did a google search for "milk rice" and came up with recipes for rice pudding, an asian milk rice dish cooked with coconut milk, and lots of websites yakking about rice milk. So I googled "Milchreis" and hit german recipe gold! One of the websites talks about the particular type of rice kernel that is the Milchreis, which I would like to understand, as it may give me a hint as to a good substitute.

But...the german! When the website got all technical about the type of grain, I was certainly lost in translation. So I got Babel Fish to help me out, and it did. But it also made some very entertaining translations:
Milk rice (English Rice pudding, franz. Riz outer lait, ital. Riso aluminium slat, splinter. Arroz con leche) is used mainly for sweet foods. One can serve and e.g. with sugar, zimt, cream or Kirschkompott arrange it warmly or coldly. Milk rice is a polished and more polished up to 5.2 mm long round grain rice, which originates like the Risotto rice from Italy. Milk rice will not only faster, but becomes also softer than Risotto rice. The special at the milk rice is the fact that the reiskoerner deliver very much strength when cooking and the consistency thereby particularly saemig and firm becomes. Although milk rice peeled and white is, it contains protein and potassium, which are responsible for the adjustment of the water regime in the body. In addition it is cholesterinfrei, glow-free and sodium-poor. However the darker sorts rice of more contents materials possess.
My favorite mistranslation? It is a toss up between "Riso aluminum slat, splinter." and "In addition it is cholesterinfrei, glow-free and sodium-poor."

So, I just have to find some glow-free, polished and more polished long round grain rice from Italy. I bet my local grocery store sells that!