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Monday, March 03, 2008

Late Night Shenanigans

I really need to go to sleep. If I stay up much longer I'll lose my window of sleepiness and end up awake until 6 am. Not. Necessary.

BUT, I was tripping through my blog's past and I found the Gizoogle Transizlatin Post.

So I gizoogled my blog. Here are a few highlights:

Weed Smokin' But Tha Cakes

evil cakes lady's blog fo' all tha gangsta shiznit in her brain


I was at an off tha hook birth this chillin' ya dig?....The epidural played havoc wit her baby's heartbeat (decels with my forty-fo' mag! panic!--the nurse didn't kizzy she was steppin' ta 2nd stage where decels happen quite frequently as tha baby gets smooshed n shoved into tha birth canal). She neva felt an urge ta push or even tha pressure sensation mizzost bitchez fizzle wizzle they have an epidural , ya feel me?....

Which she dizzay beautifully, awesizzle despite herself....I love it when that happens so i can get mah pimp on. I mean, rhymin' bitchez do that is whizzat I do this job for . You'se a flea and I'm the big dogg.

But hizzle hannah, I am exhausted. I wizzy ta W-to-tha-izzork...I mean, mah last treatment was a shiatsu n I swear I almost nodded off wizzle I was steppin' on her biznack fo' sheezy. Seriously, people.

...My mizzle? Meatloaf wit mac n cheese . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos.

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