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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, People

I grew up in a not-very-religious household, despite the fact that my mother is a Philippino Catholic (different than say, Italian Catholics or American Catholics). My dad is emphatically not much for religion, so Easter was really just an excuse to receive stuffed bunnies and chocolate nested in shredded pastel plastic. My sister and I attended Sunday school for many years, so even though we were taught the real meaning of Easter, that meaning was only talked about at Sunday school. At our public elementary school, Easter was very secular and celebrated along with things like Chinese New Years and the Japanese Spring Blossom Festival. Interestingly, I don't remember Passover mentioned at all.

My dad carried the Easter basket tradition all the way through college, when I finally had to ask him to stop sending me stuffed rabbits every year for Easter. I was 21, people, and I had four stuffed rabbits on my bed, which were constantly being thrown on the floor so my boyfriend and I could engage in our own rabbit-like behavior. My dad was a little bummed that I didn't want stuffed rabbits anymore.

Now my parents send me a card and if I'm lucky, a twenty and a little chocolate.

So I have been stashing chocolate around the apartment since I've been on my sugar fast. There's a bag of Cadbury Mini Egges in the freezer, and they are my FAVORITE. Joelf gave me a little Easter basket which I've had to hide under my bed. I even found a little Valentine's chocolate yesterday when I was cleaning up the living room. I am surrounded by chocolate. Eventually I will surrender to its smooth, melty, chocolaty goodness. I certainly hope that I will be merely jumping off the wagon for a minute, not falling off completely.

On a different note, I decided yesterday to rent a bunch of movies and curl up in front of the television for a bit. I picked up four movies and as the servatron was checking me out, he looked at my choices and exclaimed, "wow, somebody's kids are sure lucky!"
Sigh. "Oh no," I said, "these are for me."
"Yeah, but be sure to watch Enchanted with your kids. That one is great."
Sigh. "No, I don't have kids."
"You DON'T?"
"No, I just like kid movies."

(To be fair, I rented Enchanted, Ratatouille, Dan in Real Life, and Sicko. But he could have canned the incredulity, especially since he was a little teenaged sci fi geek. Like he can talk!)

Anyhoots, Happy Easter and Chocolate, blogfriends!