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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Business of Being Born Trailer (HD)

I watched this movie today and I wept. Not with joy, not with sadness, but with fury and frustration.

If you are a woman or a man who is planning or hoping to have children someday, please make your choices INFORMED choices. I don't care what choices you make, just be informed. Know what you are choosing and the risks and benefits.

This film is available to rent from Netflix, but there are a lot of communities around the country airing it: check The Business of Being Born website to see if it playing somewhere near you. Take your mom, your girlfriends, your manfriends. Get talking about it.

I am lucky that I live in such a community where women have so many choices. I know that what we have here in Portland is not the norm, and that just fucking kills me. Women choose to have unassisted childbirth at home rather than go to the hospitals, because that is their only other choice. What the fuck is that, people??? It is completely inexcusable.

We have the right to choose a legal homebirth with trained medical support. We have the right to choose a HMO birth with OBs. We have a right to not be judged or discriminated against because of the choices we make. We have a right to make our choices not based on fear or whether our insurance will cover it, but based on our hearts.