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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year's Eve Tale For You

Happy New Year!

As you all probably know, my lip is pierced:

documenting me in makeup

What you may not know is that in October I changed the jewelry:

about 2 hrs in--still ready to go

The new jewlery is a barbell shape, like this:

I like it pretty much; sometimes it clanks on my teeth which I know is BAD. For that reason, I had planned to switch it back to the ring sometime in the new year.

When I was home for Christmas last week, I caught a cold. I had chills, a raging sore throat, and 24 hours after the symptoms began, I was beginning a serious sinus infection. I postponed my drive back to OR by a day so that I could take my hippie herbs and supplements to get better. Which I did--at least better enough to get in the car and drive 12 hours.

Once back in Portland, I continued to hibernate and produce copious amounts of phlegm.

On the evening of December 30, I started to notice that my piercing was a little sore. This didn't concern me that much, because my lip tends to swell a bit when I get sick. But as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed just how much my lip had swelled and I got a little nervous. The top of my lip looked a little purple--or was it the light?--and the back of the piercing looked like it was being swallowed into the puffy pinkness of the inside of my lip. Ow. It looked and felt like I had just got pierced. My lip never did that before, and I'm not even that sick anymore! What the fudge, people?

The next morning, New Year's Eve, my lip freaking hurt. It hurt to talk, it hurt to drink, it hurt to eat, it really hurt when I brushed up against it. Still looking a little purplish, still swollen as all hell. I mean, this is what it was like when I first got it pierced, 2 years ago!

This. Was. Not. Good.

When I had the ring and my lip swelled, it was no big deal because there was enough room in the ring for my lip to plump. And the swelling was minimal, no big deal, gone in a day!

I figured that since my new jewelry was a barbell that fit my lip--when it wasn't swollen--now it was acting like a vice against my ballooning lip. Kind of like a rubberband around your fingertip, but much worse.

So I took some ibuprofen, soaked my lip in warm salt water, and headed down to Black Hole Body Piercing.

The guys took a look at my lip and said, "yeah this needs to come out."

And out it came, and it. hurt. SO. BAD!!! Damn! Then he slipped in my ring, and that--hurt--SO--BAD--TOO!!! What the hell--was I getting pierced again?? There were tears in my eyes but I was laughing because my lip ALREADY felt SO MUCH BETTER.

And the nice boys don't charge to change out piercings, so after he swabbed up the blood I got to go home, cash in hand! And by the time I made it out to my car, it didn't hurt to smile, it didn't hurt to talk, and it didn't hurt to eat and drink!

It was like the sun came out and shone its rays of hope and happiness down on me.

So the moral of this New Year's Tale? Giving yourself room to expand will make you feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.