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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Will Eat Only One Steak This Year...Over and Over Again

an experience with meredithSo a couple of years ago my friend Brains and I found a bunch of No Meat Tube fliers all over the Hawthorne.

Pretty funny, huh? It seemed like a nice ironic, sci-fi parody of the biotech companies that wanted to inject frog's DNA into tomatoes, or clone sheep for food consumption. Meat tubes...haha. That'll never happen.

Today I read that the FDA is about to approve cloned meat for human consumption. Not quite a meat tube, but just as creepy.

It may be that many will think that I am overreacting, and that cloned meats could be the thing that erases hunger from the world, bringing world peace and brotherly love to all.

Call me a traditionalist. Call me reactionary, I don't care, but I don't think I'll ever get behind cloned meat. I am one of those people who spends her hard earned money on meat that has been able to eat a more proper diet of grains or grass or vegetable matter of one sort or another and got to spend at least part of their life wandering around a yard or a field or Brokeback Mountain. I spend the extra dollars to buy meat that hasn't been pumped full of growth hormones or antibiotics or who knows what. So why then, would someone like me, be interested in eating cloned meat??

It seems very interesting to me, that in the same moment that the Slow Food Movement and the Farm-to-Table movement are growing more popular, when Farmer's Markets in urban centers are becoming more prevalent and trendy, when the Food Network is pumping out new celebuchefs every season, the FDA is rolling out cloned meat.

I certainly would like to see us move towards a sustainable living, hands in the earth kind of eating. I think it is important to be connected to our food in a fundamental way--understanding that this pile of steamed broccoli was once a seed that somebody or some machine planted and watered and fed until it was harvested and shipped to my grocery store for me to purchase. I think it is very important for us not to forget what our meat really was before it landed on our plates.

Come on, people, that chicken fried steak you're eating used to be an ANIMAL that wandered around, if it was very lucky, and mooed about. Maybe your chicken fried steak had hopes and dreams of a life filled with clover fields, lazy days in the sun, warm nights with its herd under a starry sky. Or not; maybe your chicken fried steak had a small brain and was only concerned with eating and pooping. But I am comforted to know it was an animal that had an unique DNA compostion. I don't think I will ever be comforted to think that my steak has 500 exact copies of itself spread throughout the country. To me, that is just a little too unnatural, a little too much like playing with nuclear energy. In this case, I prefer to stick as close to nature as I can.

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