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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hey, Do I Still Have A Blog?

I think I have been forgetting lately that I have a blog that I wanted to keep up with.

Nothing very blog worthy has been happening of late. I am trying my best to rent and watch 8+ new movies from Hollywood this month. Maybe that's why I am not blogging much.

I got suckered into their MVP program, which actually was a smart move because I apparently owed them $50 in late fees that I had accumulated over the last 3 months of 2006. When they told me I owed them $50 in late fees I just stared at them blankly with my mouth open, and I am not embellishing to make a better story. I really did stand there, blankly staring with mouth agape.

These were the things that were going through my mind as I stared at them:
Fifty dollars!

In late fees!

What the hell!

So the boy servatron suggested signing up for the MVP at the mid level, because as a incentive they waive all late fees. So for 14.99, Hollywood video would waive my $50 in late fees, and I'd get to rent 2 movies at a time for 30 days for free. I could cancel at any time, like the next day, and I would still remain in the program for the thirty days.

So I did it.

That was last month.

However, I am still in the program because I waltzed in at the end of the month and wanted to cancel the program. But I was a day late and they had already automatically enrolled me for another month. (It's a 30 DAY program, not a monthly program, as I was reminded.)


So we canceled my subscription so that Hollywood doesn't have the chance to re-enroll me, and I am on a mission to get my money's worth.

I mean, I'm not mad nor do I feel taken advantage of, nor do I feel a need to rail against the corporate whores of Hollywood Video, Inc, I just want to watch a ton of movies.
    In the past six weeks I have rented:
  • Flannel Pajamas (SUCKED ASS)
  • Dreamgirls (Not so bad, just kind of long)
  • History Boys (enjoyed)
  • Hollywoodland (never ended up watching it)
  • Conversation(s) With Women (pretty decent, interesting premise, little depressing)
  • The Queen (I love Helen Mirren)
  • Extras, season one disc one (Ricky Gervais is brilliant at the uncomfortable monologue)
  • The Pursuit of Happyness (good movie, loved seeing the 'loin, that kid is fucking adorable goddammit)
  • The Last Kiss (intense, I thought it would be more funny, kind of depressing)

Wow! I've seen more than I thought!

Next up: Notes on a Scandal.

I need a funny movie, pronto.