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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Last week, the Stooges were over at Cookie's house for an evening of cable tv, Boone's Farm "wine," and Popeye's Chicken.


Apparently it was the season finale of Hell's Kitchen AND Age of Love, so we flip-flopped between the two. I've never watched either of the shows, but understand both of their basic premises. The chef show I wasn't too interested in, but the Age of Love show did have me at hello.

So for those of you who were not acquainted with the Age of Love, let me explain. Some handsome dude who I think was in the military decided he wanted not only a loving wife and partner who would bear his fruit and raise them, but also a little bit of fame and tabloid exposure. So he decided to let network television help him find his dream woman. Said network found a bunch of single, hot and sexy women, put them all in the same mansion, and sat back and watched the cat fight begin.

OHO!! But these network execs were clever when they chose the ladies: half of them were twenty somethings and the other half were forty somethings! It was like a science experiment! Would the older women who were more experienced, mature, and a little street-wiser beat out the perky little girls who didn't know a thing about life and still giggled about lip gloss? So much suspense!!

And even though all I watched were parts of the last episode, when predictably he was choosing between a "Kitten" and a "Cougar" (their descriptives, not mine) I really wanted the dude (who was in his 30's) to choose the Cougar. Mostly because I am now past the Kitten stage and like many single women older than 29 those little perky ones seems a little...threatening. Just like that Sex in the City episode where Carrie couldn't help but wonder if the Kittens were the enemy?

It makes my insecure non-Kitten ass feel old and wrinkly.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, he chose the Kitten. Boo. Cookie and I were not impressed.

As we mused post-show about the tendencies of men to lust for Kittens more than sexy hot mature Cougars, we couldn't help but wonder, if 20-somethings are the Kittens and 40-somethings are the Cougars, where did that leave us 30-somethings?

Cookie decided we're the Taints.

And, scene.