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Monday, July 09, 2007

the worst part about a bedroom with a screenless window at ground level

things to do

1. clean up room.

1. kill spiders in room.

2. clean up room.

2. take shower to wash off any potential spider left lurking in hair

3. clean room.

4. strip bed; look for spiders.

5. wash bedsheets and clothes to kill off any potential spiders hiding in the sheets waiting to lay eggs in your ear while you sleep, or bite and poison you when you put on your favorite t-shirt

6. vacuum floors and rug and all the corners and walls and behind pictures and under the bed and everywhere

7. consider vacuuming the yard to get rid of all the spiders you trapped and threw out there in your moments of weakness

8. consider bombing the outside because there are tons of spiders out there, waiting to sneak in the window and get you while you sleep

9. another shower to cleanse self

10. consider psych meds for present mental state

11. eat a couple of milk chocolate digestives instead

12. sleep with the lights on, upstairs on the couch