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Monday, June 18, 2007

The One And Only

I freaking love Tyra Banks. She is a crazy, over the top, diva in the making with two, TWO crazy assed television shows that are mostly about herself, even when they don't seem like they are about herself. Somehow she can sneak herself into any situation, serious and tragic or otherwise. I love that about her.

Her talk show is a little bit of a train wreck but also totally fabulous and I also love her for that. She can do a dumb show about the latest fashion lines from some of her favorite (ie whack-job) designers, and then the next day do a show about date rape that is really quite touching.

I also love her latest cause of loving women that are normal sized. Thank god somebody is making this an issue, and I think it is delicious that it is Tyra, who gained weight and finally looks like she's healthy.

I admire her and laugh at her all at the same time, and she has won my love begrudgingly, which makes it even better. I just can't help it. You love who you love, no explaining necessary.

Miss Tyra Banks at the daytime Emmy Awards