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Thursday, June 21, 2007

How It Is Beginning

I'm at the Portland Airport. It is 9:45 am, and my flight leaves at 12:55. I guess I'll be on time for my flight.

First off, PDX is my favorite airport of all time because there is FREE WiFi, and I can sit and people watch and blog, all at once! Hooray for the technological terrors.

I have had about 30 min of sleep in the last 2 days. I am hunched over and bleary eyed. I keep noticing people looking at me and I don't think it's my freshly washed hair that smells faintly of roses. I think its because I look a little undead.

I had a doula client who was supposed to have been due around June 9th. So I thought planning a trip for June 21st would be just fine. First time moms go overdue, but usually not too much.

This mom started her trek to the labor labryrinth on Tuesday. I thought there was a small chance she'd actually hit active labor before I left. I got her a backup doula, and felt much better about things.

Yesterday she continued to be in early labor. She came in and got a treatment mainly because she wanted something to do. As the day progressed into evening, I figured she'd hit active labor sometime in the wee hours and I'd call in the backup.

We spoke on the phone around 10:30 pm and she was getting ready to go to sleep. Still early labor. I was convinced I was going to miss her birth.

11:30. Call from the husband. COME NOW, he says. I hear loud moaning/yelling in the background. ARE YOU COMING NOW? Yes, I reply. OKAY, GOTTA GO. He almost didn't hang up in his rush to attend to his wife.

I hang up. FUCK.

When I got to their house it didn't take long for me to decide it was time we get to the birth center. She looked like she was in transition to me!

Maybe 45 min later we arrive at the birth center, the midwife starts filling up the tub, and we settle in...so to speak.

2:30 am. She's feeling pushy. She starts pushing.

5:00 am. Still pushing. I call in the backup.

6:00 am. Backup doula arrives. Baby is born.

6:17 am. I'm outta there!

I come home, shower, pet kittens, feed kittens, get dressed and finish packing, and fall asleep on the couch for 30 min before my ride shows up.


And then once I get here, I discover my flight is delayed 90 min.


Zombie time.