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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Snowfall, Loud Coffeeshops

It is spring in Portland, Oregon.

This is a photo from my flickr page. I am obligated to tell you that.

Click on the photo to see it big, so that you can see the petal snow in the air.

All those lovely flowers and all those petals and pollen?

Make my eyes all puffy and swollen like this:

me, puffy eyed from allergies and sleepy

And also:
I was in the WORST coffee shop yesterday evening with yelling children, semi-orgiastic teenage girls on the couches, stupid adults yelling over the loud cacophonous music the dead-eyed servatron decided to play, and idiots who decided their large party of 5-8 people had to crowd around the 2-top right behind me instead of sitting across the room where there were plenty of empty tables.

It was an exercise in patience, and I failed.