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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

one day...

one day..., originally uploaded by jensteele.

Mondays I tend to spend the day gallavanting with The Stooges.

Today we started at St. Honore', a bakery over in NW Portland. My. Favorite. Place.

We sat at the little bar where we could look at this kick ass oven and into their kitchen, and I dreamt of baking in an industrial kitchen, and having an oven such as this in the home I'm sure I'll own someday.

That home will also have a long long wooden table, with benches on either side where everyone who will come over can sit and help prep for whatever we're cooking/baking and keep me company. There will be doors which open up to the patio and the herb garden just outside, and in the warm months we will leave the doors open so that the delicious breeze can blow through our home.

What dreams do you have for your home?

ps--Happy Spring Equinox!
pps--I bought a cute little dress today that originally was $168--I paid $17.58!!!! Crazytalk!