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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trying Not To Obsess About HPATDH

  • Okay. Have you all seen the press photos of Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) for the play he's currently in, Equus? I mean, that's a lot of Treasure Trail Potter to be looking at. My first reaction? Holy crap, you have got to be kidding me.
  • Speaking of Hairy Potter, you must have all heard by now that book 7, HP and the Deathly Hallows, will be released on July 21st? I will be turnng off my cell phone and computer and don't you even think of bothering me for the 24 hours after I get my book (which will be at 12:01 am on July 21st). Afterwards I'll need to call one of those helplines that will be set up in the UK in order to process my depression. I know I was a little depressed when she killed off Dumblydorr in HPATHBP, and she's killed off two more pivotal characters in #7.
  • Two girlfriends and I went to Screen Door for dinner last night. We were kind of in a hurry, so we sat at the bar. The bartender was funny, and good at her job, and she's the kind of firey sassy woman that if my friend could turn gay, would want to date (her words, not mine). The restaurant had a wait the entire time we were there, so the bartender was kept busy. At one point we offered to take over for a few mintues so she could take a smoke break, and so she disappeared. We panicked. By the way, the food? Pretty good, and they have fried chicken everyday. Fried catfish and pork chops are side dishes. Take that, other Portland southern-food restaurants.
  • I still think Harry has to die in the end. Sure, Voldemort will too, but Harry's whole life purpose is to defeat Voldemort--and I just don't think that kid is going to muster through to killing the Emperor without taking himself down too. But I like that kind of tragedy, where the main character dies. Everybody wants the kind of happy ending where nobody dies--like you got it for free, right? I like the kind of happy ending that came at a terrible price--like you earned it, you know? Like Frodo, being so scarred and f-d up from all the horror and evil he experienced, that he never really healed and eventually had to leave. That kind of happy ending. Potter can't possibly live a happy and unscarred (pun intended) life after everything he will have endured. Better to have him die when the task is finished. What else could possibly be right for him, after all that?
  • I have been battling the sickness for a couple of weeks now. For a day I'll feel headachey, chilled/fevered, out of sorts. I'll take a crap ton of Vit C with flavinoids, mildly sweat when I sleep, and feel right as rain the next day. Then a few days later it starts up agian. Lather, rinse, repeat. Today seems like a sick day.
  • And, one of the Weasleys has to die. There's too many of them. And it won't be Percy. That would be too easy. Voldemort doesn't do easy. He destroys families. He doesn't off the family member that would be least mourned.
  • I've discovered that the Academy Theater, a little second run movie house in SE has these crazy movie deals on Mondays and Tuesdays. Mondays you can see two movies for FOUR DOLLARS. Tuesday is two for the price of one day. That's right--you and a buddy can see a movie for three dollars, total. And you can get pizza, beer, and a Green & Black's bar of chocolate for the show. Nice!
  • I'm not saying I want all these characters to die, but the reality of that story is that Voldemort spreads the very thing he's afraid of: death. There is not one family in the HP world that has not been negatively affected by Voldemort, past or present. Every family has lost loved ones because of him. And don't think he'll go down without a fight. And the only one to stop him is a teenager of 17? Extraordinary as he is, it's going to take something a lot deeper to take Voldemort down, and it will be the one thing Voldemort doesn't understand and always underestimates: selfless love. And who is better set up than Harry to want to do that?