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Monday, February 05, 2007

How flickr Got Me Dreaming Of Ice

Ah, the wonders of the internet.

Here's the story:
I was checking out my flickr page, postponing all the damn callbacks I have to make today.

I decided to check on my most popular photos, as ordered by interestingness. And I noticed that one of them had been marked as somebody's favorite. Really? Why?

I checked out the flickrite's favorites, looking for mine, because--really? mine was that interesting?--and I saw this really cool, funky looking photo.

I clicked on that photo, which brought me to willster's photo set of his vacation last year in sweden. He stayed overnight at the ICEHOTEL, way up in the arctic circle. He has several gorgeous and interesting photos of the ice hotel--the rooms, the hallways, the ice chapel, the ice bar, and etc. Everything is made of ice or snice (snow and ice). Except for the electricity. And the reindeer pelts. And bed mattresses, I think. Which are covered in reindeer pelts.

Several of the rooms are decorated/sculpted by artists. In the daytime the hotel is open to visitors, like a museum. After 6 pm the guests take over. There is a sauna and warm changing rooms in the warm part of the hotel. If you were to take your luggage up to your room, it would freeze. I suppose if you need to pee you go to the warm part of the hotel. You wouldn't want to melt your room. With your pee.

Each year the hotel is built a little different. Every spring the hotel melts back into the river from whence it came. Talk about environmental!

Apparently the river the ice comes from, the River Torne, flows slowly enough that when the ice forms, it is incredibly clear. They definitely use that to their advantage when scultping the hotel, as the snice acts as solid walls and the ice as windows, letting in light. I think the clearest example of that is in the ice chapel.

I've gotta go there one of these years. I mean, come on! It's a hotel made of ice!

Thanks to the flickrite who favorited Becky's birthday cake (and apparently has a thing for rainbow sprinkles), because if they didn't I wouldn't have found the photos of the icehotel on willster's flickr page and I wouldn't now be dreaming of a trip to Sweden!

The internet rocks!