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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Every Pregnant Woman's Dream

I just came home from the hospital where I was visitng with a new mom, dad, and baby.

When I was leaving to go to the hospital, I was planning on being there for awhile. Here's the story:

First time mom. Due sometime in the middle of March. However, sometime around 35 weeks pregnant, she called me telling me she thought she might be in labor. We talked about what was going on, and I told her to take a nap.

There are two ways that a mom who thinks she might be in labor can test to see if she really is in labor. She can either take a nap, or take a bath. If either activity slows down or stops her labor, chances are she isn't in active labor yet.

This mom napped and the contractions stopped. For the next couple of weeks she had several instances where she thought she was in labor but wasn't; she even headed off to the hospital a couple of times only to be sent home. We all knew she probably wasn't going to go past her estimated due date, and we all suspected that when she did finally hit active labor it wouldn't take too long.

This morning at 6:30 am I got a call from the couple. "My water broke last night at 3 am and the hospital told me to come in around 7. So we're getting ready to go and I wanted to give you a heads up!"

Cool, I said. Let me know when you want me to come over.

8:30 am. They're ready for me to come over. I get an hour's lead time, so I hopped in the shower, shoveled eggs and toast, and hustled out the door.

9:45 am. I arrive at their room. I open the door, and see the husband sitting in the rocking chair, rocking happily and chatting comfortably. What? Did she get an epidural? What's going on?

I move closer into the room and see the mom sitting upright in bed, comfortable as can be. Huh? Did she get en epidural?

Then I see a little baby suckling at her breast. OMG! She had the baby! WTF!

Apparently, 15 mintues after they called me in, she gave birth to her little baby girl. Awesome.

So her active labor, if you count from when her water broke, was 5.5 hours. For a first time mom!! The average length of labor for a first time mom is about 12 hours. If you count from when she got to the hospital, her labor was a freaking two hours. Transition was maybe 3 minutes (average 2-3 hours), and pushing was maybe ten minutes (average 2 hours). Are you freaking kidding me.

She didn't tear, she looked great and energetic and got up and showered. Her baby is precious and sweet and healthy and happy.

All first time moms want to birth like this mom did. I know I do!

Congratulations to the new parents!