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Monday, January 29, 2007

Offensive, Yet Fun

I just published and unpublished a post I wrote about my adventures with www.gizoogle.com. I got scared someone would flag my post, strangers would flame me, and my very wicked sense of humor would get back to me professionally in a bad way. Which is too bad, because that post was funny.

It all started earlier this evening when I decided to google shiznit. I've been having that kind of day.

One of the websites to show up was gizoogle.com, which is a web search engine and webpage translator. It will translate any web copy into Jive. The Snoop Dogg kind.

I gizoogled my doula website and looked at how the doula bios got translated. And. It. Was. Holy. Effing. FUNNY.

But totally offensive.

And so my friends, I invite you to pop over to www.gizoogle.com and gizoogle a webpage with a lot of copy about something really serious, or even better, something really airy-fairy new agey. You just might feel much much better about life.

Or really really offended.

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