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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nerd Alert, part 2

If you don't remember, I am a total Star Wars nerd.

What you don't remember, because I haven't told you, is that I have been secretly sneaking off to another blog.

Don't get too worked up--I've just imported some of my posts from this blog to that one. I have been flirting with moving myself over there permanently since the summertime. Let me explain (and this will bring us back to the nerd alert, I promise):

Vox (the host) is trying to be the middle ground between mySpace and Typepad/Blogger. It's a place to blog, network and gather friends, and post your pictures, videos, music, reading lists, and whatnot. They try to make it all very easy for people afraid of html. They provide you with a constantly expanding choice of blog templates, and they make it crazy easy to switch templates. You just click on the new one, for pete's sake. SO much easier than what blogger has to offer. Their templates kick ass, too. You also get to choose the layout of your blog--2 or 3 columns? Blog content on the left, right, or center? What do you want in your columns? You can add your friends to one of the columns and it will keep track of their posting, so you can pop over once they've put up something new.

Vox also allows you to decide per post what can be seen by friends, family, the general public, or remain private. I like that. I can't remember if the new blogger gives us that option.

The serious downside to Vox, which is why I haven't moved over there permanently and probably won't, is that only Vox members can leave comments on your blog. I hate that. Even though it is free to become a member, you don't have to start a blog once you become a member, and it probably cuts down on comment spam and strangers flaming you, I still think it sucks. At least on blogger you get a choice about who comments on your blog.

But anyhoo, Vox sends out a little letter every month or so, and on the sidebar they mention some posts that they feel are noteworthy. And this post that I'm linking to below was listed in this month's letter, and I found it very entertaining. Go have some fun in Vox land.

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And if you are curious, here's my vox page.