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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Sweet Foods In Portland

Food stuff that I have recently enjoyed/been obsessed with:

1. Deep fried chocolate pies from Russell St BBQ. I was there Friday with Zetta, lovely lady I might add, and Oh! The deep fried pie! The crispy savory crust! The dark velvety choclate ganache filling! The cold creamy vanilla ice cream! Happiness there was, my friends. Happiness.

2. That damn caramel corn place in the Lloyd mall. That shit is the bomb. Better than Cracker Jax. Better than all the microwave caramel corn. Beter even, than the caramel corn that one of the moms would bring to our 4th grade CCD as our snack. And that stuff was homemade. It is a good thing that the caramel corn place is in the mall, or I might go there more than twice a year.

3. Bluebery tea. Which is really earl grey tea with amaretto and grand marnier. A good winter drink, my Portland friends.

4. Chocolate croissant from St Honore in NW Portland. Listen up people. That sad soggy, often greasy croissant that many places pass off as croissant is WRONG. An insult to the real thing! Croissant should be flaky, buttery (but not greasy), crisp on the outside and soft, tender, and light on the inside. You should not have the gnaw or chomp croissant. You should fall in love with it. Which you will do. At St Honore.

5. St Cupcake makes a pretty tasty cupcake. I mean, I think sometimes I make a way better cupcake, but they do it in such a fun and cute way. I can't help but love them. And they are opening up a new shop on Belmont, across the street from Zupan's. I will be there, eagerly waiting my chance to buy several vanilla dots with hot fudge frosting.