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Monday, December 18, 2006

Camera Shopping

I actually broke my shopping rule and went out Saturday evening to buy myself a new camera.

I had done a lot of internetting and had decided on two different cameras, both at two big box stores relatively close to each other. Off I went to play with both of them and compare prices.

Even though my favorite big box store, Target, was infested with slow moving, cell phone talking, aisle hogging consumers who were losing it on their kids and generally displaying their amazing lack of intelligence I was in a good mood and didn't even politely yell EXCUSE ME with any attitude. Since I had come with a purpose, I went to task and played with both cameras and asked some questions and pretty much made my decision.

Off I went to big box #2. There weren't as many obstructions to my purchase (aka people) as in Target, but my shopping experience there was considerably less pleasant. And the camera cost more. But I did find a cute camera case. The cases at Target blow chunks.

I returned to Target and made my purchase. Hooray!

I decided to get the little canon elph and methinks he needs a name. Something cute and elf-like and industrious sounding. Not quite sure yet. I'll keep you posted.