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Monday, November 13, 2006

history can be a downer

Yesterday while trying to wake up, I watched some OPB thing on the California Gold Rush of 1848-49.

I feel that history is the key to understanding the present.

I also know that history is a lot like statistics--anyone can make any event(or statistic) mean anything they want it to.

And I was watching this documentary about the gold rush and thinking about how there were so many themes that are current to today's world, more than one hundred years later.

Especially the theme of immigrants and non-english speaking people and their rights to a piece of the pie. In 1949, the second year of the gold rush when tons of miners overran the hills of California looking for a quick fix, the white men began to run off the land anyone who wasn't white or spoke english. They even began to kill men who did not leave when confronted.

That's when I turned the TV off.

The year is 2006. More than a century later, and has anything changed??