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Monday, November 06, 2006

Coulda Used The Advice 13 Months Ago, Thanks

Highlighted Excerpts From:
Why You Shouldn't Date a Musician by Damian Kulash, (frontman of Ok Go)
(as found on a flickr page, scanned from ElleGirl)

OK Go singer Damian Kulash knows he is an attractive, intelligent young man, but he's warning you not to date him or others of his kind. Read on for the arguments.

Ladies, there are a million well-known reasons why you shouldn't date a musician. We're self-obsessed, flaky, hot-tempered, unreliable, and always broke. We're imperious, impenetrable, impractical, and--let's face it--we ain't usually the cleanest of folk. Nonetheless, you keep falling for us. The only reason I can surmise is this: Our faults get mistaken for virtues in the confusing tumult of love.

Let's say you meet a cute guy: He's a little cocky, but you like confidence in a man. He's a bit scatterbrained, but you think of it as creative. He's manic, but you call it passion. Perhaps he could shampoo more often; you say you like 'em on the wild side. These charitable evolutions are the currency of love--they're how you're supposed to feel when you're falling for someone. But ladies, I'm warning you: You've got to stay away from the musicians.

The real reason we're unlovable has nothing to do with our big mouths or big egos. In fact, it's not a matter of emotional compatibility at all; it's a matter of practicality. We want precisely what you do not. You want a companion; we want to take our guitars and disappear. You want someone to eat meals with; we want to be in a van somewhere between Minneapolis and Seattle, hopped up on the Red Bull and speeding like hell to make it to the club in time. We thrive on endless newness, endless stimulation and endless travel.

The longer you spend with a musician, the more you will understand the discontent at his core. If you are lucky, he will have great success and be swept off into the tempest of the music industry, never to bother you again. Most likely though, you will find your heart tied to someone who is terminally dissatisfied. He will toil endlessly and fruitlessly at song after song, idea after idea, show after show. The only thing that could possibly fulfill him is the same success that would ruin your relationship. And even then, he would want more. Like I said, he wants exactly what you do not.