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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wood and Water

Hrm. I just found this lurking as a draft. It's a not half bad post. Just that it's about me and Josh. Who is doing pretty good, by the way. Two Gun Man is working hard and the band is playing a lot of shows and just finished work in the studio. Anyhoo.

According to the Chinese 5-Element cycle, the cycle of time can be broken down as follows: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Each cycle has its own season, time of day, emotion, color, taste, smell, personality, and etc. Thus, people can be atttributed to one or two elements that can describe their constitution. This is a part of Chinese medicine that TCM doesn't really pay much attention to, so I didn't learn it in school, and am just beginning to figure this stuff out.

I met another woody type person today. Wood people are people who tend to be ambitious, straightforward (ie rude or tactless), intense (like aggressive), and kinda self-absorbed. They tend to be on the skinny side with tight tendons and a need for hard physical exercise. They can get anxious, high strung, pushy, and strung so taught with tension they look like they might snap at any time. Think road rage.

I admire woody people for their drive and ambition, their unwavering belief that they have a place in this world and by golly they are going to take it. Tell me I can't and I'll show you just how much I can, asshole.

People say that woodies tend to be type-A, but I disagree. I think that anal, compulsive organizing type-A-ness is more Metal, but that workaholic thing is surely a Wood trait.

Josh is a Wood type and he is all these things to one degree or another.

I, on the other hand, am all watery and stuff. Which means in a nutshell, because it is hard to talk about oneself objectively, that I am more receptive and flowy and Yin and mellow and patient and like to wear black. I can go deep; I like to delve below the surface all the time and do a lot of work with the unknown and transition. Also, it means I can spend a whole day lying on the couch and feel like I got a lot done.

There is a natural flow between the elements that determines the relationships between all of them. Water flows into Wood, which flows into Fire, then Earth, Metal, and back to Water.

Sometimes it was really hard for us to agree on something to do. Sometimes we would be talking about the same thing but using different approaches and we couldn't understand each other. Josh sometimes couldn't understand why I would talk about something I would think about doing and then never do it. I sometimes couldn't understand why he would be so consumed with a project to the exclusion of everything else.

Water flooding Wood, Wood consuming Water.

We are both dominant personalities; we were both used to being the "one in charge" in a relationship, and sometimes we would just get exasperated with each other. Picking out a movie at the video store was always a big ordeal. I would voice my opinion on his choices, and he would look at me and ask, "Why are you being so difficult?" My response was always, "I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm telling you what I think!"

I would tell him he drove me crazy and he would look at me with his big sparkly blue eyes, and the Wood and the Water would sort themselves out. Water nourishes Wood, Wood carries Water to the sky.