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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Squaredance

I've been trying to post for a few days now but everything I've written has been kind of meh.

I'm trying people!

I spent a lot of today under cat paralysis, and I actually took a serious nap in the afternoon for no good reason. My cats have been very pleased with my sedentary behavior today.

Last night was the last squaredance hoedown out on Sauvie Island this year. I freakin love the squaredancing. It was part of our PE curriculum in the 6th grade and I thought it was awesome. Not only did we not have to go outside and play kickball, but we had dance, and with boys! As a 6th grader who had a crush on practically all the guys, that was AWESOME. I even did the extra credit squaredancing and was pleased to see that some of my favorite crushes did too. I still don't understand why all those guys chose to squaredance instead of going outside and kicking that damn ball around. But thank god for my ego they did.

Anyway, the squaredancing that I've been involved in lately is really fun and social, as well as a good romp to some fun old-timey live music. The ladies aren't wearing those crazy gingham get ups, and nobody cares if your partner is the same sex. You spend half of the time skipping around the room with your partner and teaming up with some other strange couple for a dance or two. All of the dances are walked through before the music starts so you get a chance to figure it out--but if you don't, who cares!

I was asked how I take care of my inner child when my heart gets broken, and dancing was way up high on the list. Hooray for the squaredance!