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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

Some things that I have been for Halloween:

1. Snoopy.

2. Christmas present. I was in this big box and we cut holes for my arms, legs, and head. We wrapped up the box all nice and pretty, and then during the night I fell down and couldn't get back up.

3. Tomato. I think this was the year after the humiliated christmas present incident and I decided to just dress all in red and tell everyone I was a tomato.

4. French Maid. During the awkard 6th grade boy-crazy year. Why weren't my parents concerned about me wearing a trashy french maid costume? I mean, I wasn't giving anything away, but the implications, man.

5. Executioner. My MOM made the costume for me. I was in 7th grade, people! Mom sewed this big black robe and the hood--you know, the one with just the eye slits? I walked around school that whole day and nobody knew who I was.

6. Raistlin, the wizard from the Dragonlance books. Nerd alert!

7. The Red Death. I don't remember when we read The Mask of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe, but I thought it was awesome. I even tried to draw a map of the party and all the different colored rooms. Anyway, this costume was a keeper. I did this several years in a row. I wore the big black executioner's robe, painted my face white, painted my lips black and big black circles around my eyes, then took fake blood and made it look like my eyes, nose, ears, mouth, scalp, and hands were bleeding. I scared many children this way.

8. Wednesdae from The Addams Family. It was hard not to smile.

9.Psychedelic giant bunny. Man, I wish I still had this costume. It was SOOO tacky. I bought it for a dollar from the Willamette theater department. It was this head to toe polyester crazy quilt patterned bell-bottomed bodysuit in blues and greens with a big green panel on the front lined in fake fur, a big white pom-pom on the ass for the tail, mitts for the hands, and a hood that covered your whole head, except for your face (which was lined in the fake fur), and had two big ears with fake fur. It was so freaking hot in the costume but it was the coolest. I can't find the pictures I have of it, but if I ever find them, I'll be sure to post them.

10. One year in high school my friend Jeanne and I just went around the neighborhood, uncostumed, and got a bunch of candy. That was awesome.

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