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Monday, October 02, 2006

Damned Alien Invader

I had some sort of evil stomach flu thingy the last four days. Today was the first day where I could eat without feeling nauseous, and the headache I got on Thursday finally started to go away. I could walk at a normal pace again, getting up to go to the bathroom didn't give me palpitations, and my mouth didn't feel like the Gobi Desert anymore.

Its times when I am a little under the weather that I really appreciate how good I've got it when I'm not sick. I don't live with chronic pain, debilitating migraines or menstrual cramps. My parents are both alive, still happily married (they just bought a new grill and are grilling everything), my one and only sister and I get along great. My digestion, although on the Sp Xu + Damp side, is pretty good and elimination is regular and fine.

Except for right now. I am really doing a lot of letting go. I can't wait to be fully rid of this invading pathogen.

Excuse me, gotta go.