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Monday, September 18, 2006

When It Rains...

Boy, has my life been turned upside down in the last week. Not only is a very dear friend staying with my roommate and I for an umlimited amount of time, not only is the Stinky coming home to the West coast this week, not only is the Stinky turning around in 3 more weeks to move to NY, not only is my clinic throwing a big to-do this Friday for which I am baking an inordinate amount of stuff, but a whole lot more is being piled on my plate.

What a harvest, huh?

So ironic, too, because at the last full moon ceremony (Thursday the 10th) I made a point of talking about the harvest, and how sometimes the community wouldn't get a good harvest; sometimes we don't get what we think we need to survive the oncoming dark times. And I said we could either look at our failed harvest as something that happened to us (victimization), or we could agonize over what we did wrong that led to such a situation, or we could get angry, or panic, or blame, or we could sit with what we did get (even if it is nothing) and realise that maybe what we received is what we really needed, instead of what we thought we needed. Maybe what we recieved is in fact exactly what we need to get through the hard times ahead, maybe what we received is the seed of our answers to our questions, maybe what we received is quite bountiful and abundant and rich with possibilities after all.

And so I invited everyone to look at their own harvest, look at what gifts Creator had brought them to get through the dark times ahead, and to see the blessings that lay before them, disguised as not enough.

Haha--and I guess that applies to me too!!

On a side note: how can you get to a place where you can give, and give unconditionally, where you can give without expectation of result or product or return, where you can give because it is a joy to give, because to do so is a celebration of life itself, to do so is an acknowledgement of the truth that we cannot do it alone, how do you get to a place where you can give because at the soul of things to give is to be alive?