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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Recycled Piece of Summer

I wrote this for my clinic's neighborhood newspaper last year, but then the newspaper organization decided to implode. Even though this piece was written for the summer, and now we are beginning that delicous slide into autumn, I thought I'ld be lazy and post it now anyhoo. Enjoy.

Health isn’t always about taking pills or going to the gym. Sometimes health is about how you carry yourself through the world.

For example: summer is the time of the heart, of relationships. This is the time to deepen our connections to each other, the natural world, and ourselves. Get out there and talk to your neighbors. Play with your kids outside or take them for a walk. Reconnect with loved ones that you miss. Eat fresh, ripe fruit and colorful salads. This is also the time of year when all of our dreams ripen and come to fruit—what dreams and ideas did you store away all winter? How can you encourage them to come true? Who do you need to ask to help bring your secret wishes into reality?

We live such busy lives that we forget to stop and admire the beauty that surrounds us—simple things like two people chatting on the corner, flowers blooming, happy children. While the days are long take the time to look at the simple beauty around you, and then go out there and be beautiful yourself. I’m not talking makeup and plastic surgery; I’m talking about carrying pride for who you are, carrying yourself with grace and dignity, and treating others with respect. That kind of beauty is like the summertime: ripe, juicy, and full of life.