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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Men That I Love

I am not exactly sure which planet I've been on in the last week, but I am trying to touch down on earth again.

Cetain lovely men that I have the pleasure of knowing are out and about in the world and I wanted to publicly declare my love for them, and introduce you to them.

1. If you have read any of my previous posts, you already know a little about Joelfre'. (Read about Joelf baking cookies, avoiding falling art, drinking at the fir, and hanging out in the PDX metro area.) My sister started calling him Joelf and the name has stuck. [fun aside: if you search joelfre in blogger, the engine will ask you if you meant moelfre...so I might just start calling him Moelf.] Joelf and I met on our first day at Willamette. He lived downstairs with a crazy red head (crazy in the not-so-good way) and I lived upstairs. He finally moved upstairs in the second semester and I got to hang out with him more. As the Willamette years flew by I found myself more and more drawn to Joelf and his crazy ways. He is an excellent listener, a loyal and honest friend, and his affections for the people he loves run deep. Joelf is off on a wild adventure in Kenya, where he is volunteering with the Global Volunteer Network. I set up a blog for him so that we could keep in contact with him, and so please go give him your support: Joelf's Blog

2. The Stinky has joined a band named Two Gun Man and they are off in upstate NY, where most of the band is from, playing shows and generally kicking ass. I love The Stinky with all of my heart, and I am so excited that he is out living his dream. He drives me crazy, and 99% of the time I love him for doing so. Anyhoo, go check out Two Gun Man's MySpace page, listen to their music (recorded before Stinky joined them as lead guitarist), and check out the first photo posted under the comments--that crazyhead lead guitarist with the blue shirt is the man for me! Sigh.

3. Okay, this is a man I don't personally know, its just that I just watched him in Take The Lead, and I'm not talking about Antonio Banderas. I'm talking about Dante Basco, the Phillipino actor who I totally want to make it big, and be a superstar movie guy. Mostly because he's a Flip. I first saw him in The Debut, a movie touted as the first full length feature film to show the filipino-american experience. It was pretty good and all, and I found parts of it dead-on: it could hve been my family they were talking about, and as any minority-american person would admit, that is pretty damn cool. I guess Dante's also been in Biker Boyz, and Hook, and I saw him recently in a cell phone commercial--you know, the one pimping Nelly Furtado's new song, Promiscuous...
Dante has a bunch of brothers who are also actors/performers, and I guess they are now trying to make it as a singing/R&B/hip-hop group. Whatever. I want Dante to be a big moviestar. So you should, too.

Hooray for good men!