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Friday, September 22, 2006

Cranky McKrankenstein

Warning: I am about to use some acupuncture terminology that I won't define, so if you are not an acupuncturist, please go find one to help you decipher my rant.

I just read an article that said that in the UK, one in five births are done by cesarean, and most are due to "failure to progess."

I HATE that phrase.

There are a million and one reasons why a mom might get slapped with the "failure to progess" diagnosis, and believe me, it is a slap across the face to be told YOU FAILED TO LET YOUR BODY DO WHAT IT WOULD DO ON ITS OWN ANYWAY. BIRTH IS NATURAL, JUST NOT FOR YOU.

I have seen simple acupuncture treatments of, duh, Spleen 6 and LI 4 change labor patterns. And it wasn't a big deal, I used PRESS TACKS.

This is what is making me so damn mad. Press tacks on two acupoints is so freaking simple and easy, and it can keep a woman's labor on track and progressing, so that she has a fighting chance of being able to avoid being told that she failed. And avoid major abdominal surgery to get her baby delivered. It is such a simple and mostly effective solution that it is a crime women don't have the option of getting a few stickers stuck to her.

But of course, this leads to the even bigger and stickier problem of no acupuncturists in hospitals. Sure, at least here in Portland an acupunk can jump through a few flaming hoops to get hospital priviledges, but even then the attending physician needs to order the acupuncture. Why isn't acupuncture being integrated into hospital settings? At least for pain management post injury or surgery, at least for relaxation of pre-op patients, and certainly at least for laboring moms who are trying to avoid a cesarean.

Especially for those moms who got the epidural and have to remain lying down--those moms need help more than others, because they can't move about or use gravity to keep labor going. The incidence of cesarean birth increases once a mom gets an epidural--for failure to progress. Come on, if she's lying in bed we could even do sacrum points (like the Ba Liao) to help things along.

And this is why I am leaning towards Nurse-Midwifery; I want to not only bring acupuncture to labor and delivery, I want to do it in the hospitals. This substandard quality of care is ridiculous; change needs to happen now. I'm sick of this shit.

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