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Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh Canada

The other day I came home and saw a little package nestled up against my door. It was a box from Amazon, and since I know I didn't order anything from Amazon lately, I knew it was from my parents. Anytime my parents send me something, it comes in an Amazon box.

My hands were full of groceries and mail so I gently kicked the little box into the apartment and dumped all my crap on the floor.

My roommate, who was relaxing on the couch, got all excited for me. "Ooooh, what'd you get??"

The box was curiously light. I couldn't figure out what my parents had sent me. My parents don't just send stuff to their kids for no special reason...they're just not like that. And there was no special reason, not that I knew of. My mom and dad just moved recently, so maybe they were sending me stuff that they didn't want to keep for me anymore?? But why was the box so light?

I opened it up and found.....

a jug of maple syrup.

and a little note.

I forgot they were in Toronto a few weeks back for my cousin's wedding, and as Dad is always lamenting the lack of Canadian maple syrup in Los Altos, CA I guess he thought to pick up a few jugs for himself and his poor impoverished daughter in the Oregon backwoods.

[This reminded me of the time in college when my dad sent me a Stash teabag stapled to a piece of paper, on which he had written a little note about how the teabag was a free sample from the distributor (my dad) and that the distributor was eagerly awaiting our first order.]
See, There's Hope
Anyway, I sent him a little email thanking him for the weird package of maple syrup and his tiny note, and let him know that I do in fact have a jar of maple syrup FROM CANADA in my refrigerator, that I picked up at the grocery store down the street. I enclosed a photo in case he didn't believe me:

And this is what he sent me in return:

Globalization has struck another blow for capitalism, maple syrup in Oregon! I checked out the web site on the label of the syrup that you sent me and noticed that they get their syrup from 1500 different suppliers. My syrup, which was a complete fluke BTW because it was the only syrup available at the Baie, is from Quebec, my ancestral home in recent centuries! So you may be able to get Canadian maple syrup in Oregon but it is a pale imiatation of that magnificent Quebec product that I sent you! Seriously though, think of it as symbolic that your parents still love you and are willing to jeapordize their clothing by lugging it all the way back from Canada. And during the security crises as well!.

Quebec is where he grew up, even though our family is emphatically NOT French Canadian, and according to my dad, "all those French people" is one of the reasons why he left. His other reason? Annette Funicello.