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Monday, August 21, 2006

Large Intestine Four

Lagre Intestine Four is the uncreative name for the acupoint known as "Hegu" which is located in the meat of the muscle between your thumb and index finger. Many people know of it as the place to press when you have a headache.

I always thought of it as a great point for moving Blood.

And also, as part of the Liver 3-LI 4 "cross breeze phenomenon"--you know, opening windows in opposite parts of your house to get a cross breeze and circulate all that old air.

But really, it is a point to encourage us to let go.

Letting go can be just a physiological thing: pooping, breathing out, peeing, detoxifying.

Letting go can be oh so much more than that, though. Letting go of expectations, fears, old memories that haunt us, trauma, ancestral patterns, people who have moved on, energy that doesn't serve us, etc etc etc.

Letting go is a thing I am contstantly doing these days. Letting go of clients who have had their babies, letting go of money that is owed elsewhere, letting go of wanting to control situations becuase I think I know best, letting go of people that I am scared to let go of, because I am afraid they will never come back. Letting go of my fears, my inadequacies, the big boulder that sometimes sits over my heart and renders me emotionally distant and "logical."

Letting go is something I do every day so that I can fill up with newness. Letting go is something I do every day so that I can stay sane.

Sometimes I hate letting go and would rather constipate on the memory, person, or dollar bill. I want to hold them inside so that I feel full, satsified, whole. But in the end, those are just things--and they are things that eventually get in my way and make it painful to move.

That Large Intestine 4 is a spot that is swollen and tight on many people, and it doesn't surprise me.

Letting go gracefully and smoothly takes practice, and it sometimes breaks my heart to do it.