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Friday, July 28, 2006

Odds and Ends

  • Watch this, monkeys.

  • So The Stooges (plus one) were back at the Doug Fir last night to see a friend's band. Before the show we had some food, and were surrounded by the biggest gay men fest ever. And they were hot. So Joelf took some pictures; this is the best one:

  • I am so glad it isn't freaking hot anymore. We saw this posted on the door of a diner in SE last Monday (sorry so dark, but worth posting anyway):

  • We learned that there isn't much to do in the OC (that's Oregon City) on a Wednesday night. We tried the observatory at Clackamas Community College--closed. We tried to go to this place Charlotte calls the Tattoo Bar--closed. Then we tried to go to this blues club--open and chock full of bikers, kinda not our crowd. Then we drove around and around trying to find the McMenamin's, which we finally did. Inside there was a slightly inebriated dude mouthing off to his friend about politics, in that way that says, "hey, all I know is what I hear on Fox News, but that's good enough for me!" We ordered some grub and eavesdropped on the dude, and then became unusually distracted by this:
    Can you say understaffed?

  • Have you been to the Bridgeport Mall thingy place? If you have, and you've been to Disneyland in recent years and seen the mall they built down there, you'll realise that you are in the same place. The Same Place. And to top it off, on Saturdays the Bridgeport mall blares Radio Disney through its speaker system so that everywhere you walk, Disney.
    Oregon has its own happiest place (to consume) on Earth!