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Friday, July 28, 2006

I Am So Pissed Off

I forgot to tell you in the last post:

I am so pissed off right now.

Last night at the show of our friend's band--what's their name?--at the Doug Fir, this guy shows up wearing a Harry and the Potters T shirt. And so I catch his attention to say to him, "NICE SHIRT!"

And he grins and tells me that the band signed the shirt, and I ask him, "HAVE YOU SEEN THEM PLAY?"

To which he replies, "YEAH LAST WEEK."

And I exclaim, "THEY WERE IN TOWN LAST WEEK????????"

"Yeah," he says to me, slightly smug because he knew and I didn't, "THEY PLAYED AT THE ACME AND THEN AT THIS BOOKSTORE ON KILLINGSWORTH."

Me: "DAMMIT!!!!!!!!"

I am SO bummed I missed them when they came to town. You should spend some time perusing their website and reading their tour journals because they are ridiculously silly. I mean, reeedikkuloussss.