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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Popsicle Day

image from Barry's Farm

For the 4th, which is my least favorite holiday because I associate it with stupid drunk people blowing up or burning down shit, my roommate and I decided to throw a little party in our tiny backyard. Actually, we don't really have a backyard, we have an afterthought of a side yard.

I protested for weeks about throwing a 4th of July party because I wasn't interested in stressing out about the event and worrying about enough food, enough drink, is everyone happy. Then last Monday, the freakin hottest day this year so far, I finally relented. Maybe it was the extreme heat melting my brain, I don't know. But all of a sudden the words, "we could have a popsicle party," flew out my mouth and directly into the super-excitement part of my roommate's brain. And so it was.

We warned people to eat dinner first, and asked everyone to bring a box of popsicles.

And oh, the boxes of popsicles that came.

First off, for the sake of the supremely anal, we technically had a "frozen novelty" party, but that sounds like crap whereas "popsicle party" has a nice lively little zing to it.

We had fudgesicles, creamsicles, rocket pops, fruit bars, super limey bars, drumsticks, butterfinger bars, tofutti bars, these cool spirally bars made out of something that resembled the stuff you get out of a push-up, raspberry sorbet with a vanilla frozen yogurt filling, hagen dazs bars, rocky road bars, and these decadent little dove bites that were ice cream encased in some serious chocolate. I saw people who had sworn off sugar dive deep into that dove box; I am telling you they were more evil than the ECL.

People really got into the popsicle thing: I would look over and they would be kneeling in front of the cooler, digging around inside looking for something new to try. When the drumsticks arrived, I almost had the box emptied by the time I made it to the cooler. Most guests had at least 3 popsicles, many had 5 or 6!

We worked real hard the last couple of days, but in a completely un-stressed out way, to clean up and set up the afterthought of a side yard and it looks so great and comfortable, and inviting and cozy. Who knew an afterthought of a side yard could be so great? Somebody even said it was better than a real backyard because we have a lot of privacy--mostly because people don't even notice the break in the hedges that leads down to our gate. Our very own secret garden!

So hats off to my roommate and me, for throwing a really fun, but non-stressful, decadent popsicle party. And a loud round of applause for all of our friends who came, box in hand, with a large appetite for popsicles and fun.

I hope your day was just as pleasurable...maybe not so loaded with sugar.