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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Adventure of the Three Stooges, er, Caballeros, or, Art Is Dangerous

One of my bestest friends is in town this week.

Yesterday, The Three Stooges--me, Joelf, and Cookie--I started calling us The Three Stooges only because we are a little crazy when we get together. Cookie and Joelf weren't so down with that name for us, came up with some other stupid ideas, and we eventually settled on The Three Caballeros, which I think isn't as accurate as The Three Stooges.

Yestarday, The Three Stooges spent the day looking fabulous around the Portland metro area. Or at least, that is what we had planned on doing. Until Cookie was attacked by a piece of art.

We were at breakfast, in this nice little place downtown on 3rd, and there were all these huge mobiles hanging from the high celings in the restauarnt. Lots of color, big pieces, neat. We were seated at a table under one such mobile. We get our coffee, earl grey tea, water, mimosas. Our meals were ordered. We were starting to settle in, ready for food, enjoying our crazy assed conversation (everything that involves the three of us is crazy assed).

Like, when a huge mobile comes crashing down on our table. THAT, my friends, is crazy assed.

It turns out that the big mobile, made of CERAMIC and IRON, was hung from the ceiling with STRING. That snapped. And fell on our table.

Luckily, it mostly fell on the side of the table that no one was sitting at, and aside from glancing off of Cookie's shoulder, we were all okay.

We got a free breakfast (which was pretty good--not excellent), pieces of shattered ceramic mobile as a memento, a serious shot of adrenaline to wake us up, and Cookie got a welt and some shoulder pain.

It only got better as the day progressed.